Destination Weddings

Interested in a Destination Wedding?

You have found the perfect location! Paradise at the Beach condos, located on beautiful Sapphire Beach, just so happen to be located at a wonderful destination wedding location.  The Sapphire Beach wedding site is a very popular choice for destination weddings on St. Thomas.  It is located off a jetty at Sapphire Beach and the backdrop overlooks the Caribbean Sea, St. John, and the British Virgin Islands.

With the availability of recommended local wedding resources, weddings happen seamlessly at Sapphire Beach’s wedding site.  A wedding coordinator is available to schedule, arrange, and prepare for the wedding.  The services may include site scheduling, flower ordering, delivery, and site setup, music coordination, minister services, hair and makeup services, and any other wedding services that you may require.  A highly recommended wedding photographer is also available to photograph your wedding.  He is flexible to be at the wedding site, on boat charters, downtown photography, or wherever you can dream of on St. Thomas.  The pictures below were photographed by such photographer at the wedding site and downtown.

Paradise at the Beach has three condos to offer for rent all within feet of the wedding site.  This is convenient for the bride and groom to stay and get ready at and for wedding guests to stay at as well.  Two of the condos are adjoining, making it great for the bride to get ready in one, and the groom in the adjoining unit, if also rented by families or friends.  The day of the wedding, the wedding coordinator will have everything setup for your wedding, and once you are finished getting ready in the condo, simply walk right over to the Sapphire Beach Peninsula, according the wedding coordinator’s instructions, and get married! It’s really that simple.  Also, available for hire at the onsite Sapphire Beach Marina, are catamarans and sailboats for public or private charter immediately after your ceremony.

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